Tuesday, January 11, 2011

That dog will run!

He will take off. He's fast and he's stubborn. When we adopted him, we were told that he was part Lab and some other stuff. As he grows we believe that he might be part Greyhound. He's been extremely helpful during this pregnancy as Mike and I take turns making sure he gets his walks in. Mike takes the morning shift (I had that one first and this little heartbeat conquered my ability to get up at 6:20) and I take the evening shift (with my neighbor which I so enjoy!).

We've been working on training him, and anyone who knows us, dog-training isn't one of our greatest abilities. We're working on it, though. So, a few weeks ago, I thought, "I wonder what he'll do if I turn him loose." So, we got to a good stopping point close to our house so I could see him, and I had him sit, and then I took off his leash, gave him a pat and said, "Release!" He took off!!! Straight for our house. He ran a bit and then stopped to see where I was, then ran a bit and stopped to see again. I was surprisingly proud of my four-legged pal!

That's why we do what we do. If my dog is in fact a Greyhound, he was made to run. He needs to run, but he needs to know how to run safely and where home is. My children are like that. They will run, I know it. I feel them pulling on the leashes every now and then. (I don't really have them on leashes, I mean rubbing up against the boundaries.) I cannot, however, turn them loose until they have received proper training. I have to be sure that they listen to not only my voice, but the voice of their ultimate Master. He is the One who made them and knows what they are capable of. Not only what they are capable of, but what they were made to do. I do believe that all of us were made to run.

I'm sure there will be no greater joy than to watch my children run away from me at full speed ahead...home to where the Father has called them. It is to this end that I labor.

So, as we all set out on this New Year, let's fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith and run this race with perseverance. Parents, married, or single, we were created to do something...bring Him glory. Run, run like the wind, just be sure that you are running home.

Happy New Year.