Monday, August 18, 2008

Does anyone know who this person is???
She is such a kind, kind woman. She and her daughter co-authored the Well Trained Mind. That's right...this a picture of me with Kelli and Mrs. Jessi Wise! I wrote about her a couple of weeks ago. Some of you, this won't mean anything...some of you...that's right, THE Jessi Wise. She was everything you would expect. She was kind, wise, humble, helpful, and we thought it was just awesome that she would pose for a picture. If any of you are kicking the homeschool tires, her book is really a great place to start. Alright, I'm off to write something for everyone...

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Sheryl said...

The book is where I got my first "roadmap" and I still turn to it often. I use First Language Lessons for the Well trained mind and now her daughter's writing with ease program. Its a great book. How neat to meet her!!!