Sunday, October 25, 2009

Miss Me?

Whew! That sums it up only a little! We had Mike's birthday on September 11, then Julia on the 27, Anson on October 15th and Ella on the 18. Party-time! I've also been learning that if I am homeschooling my children...I'd better do it! I'm finding that I do a bit more when the computer is off...I have longed to blog and have sat down several times, but with no success. So, today...maybe a little something...about Zumba...

I've been shakin' it pretty regularly lately and as always I enjoy it. However, two weeks ago I was a little humbled. This is my second year of Zumba, so I've learned a few songs and do not STRUGGLE with the moves like I did when I started. Well, about 2 weeks ago, it was time for my favorite song again. The "Chico Snap." It's a fun little song, but I think what I enjoy most about it is that this was the first dance that I learned and could do without my brain shorting out on me. So, we start the song and I'm feeling pretty confident and guess what...I had FORGOTTEN some of the moves! My feet didn't go the direction that I thought they knew they would and so I laughed a little bit and had to wait until I could get back on the beat and jump in. That happened a few times throughout the song. Hmmmm I thought I knew it so well. Was I, perhaps, a little too confident? I think so.

Lately I've seen myself tripping a little spiritually. I learned the Christian dance. I was discipled well and even went on a few trips for the purpose of teaching others. I was sharp. I was passionate...I got confident in my flesh and I stopped being as intentional with my time alone with the Lord or as intense in my study. I've been caught off guard and where no one else may have noticed, I have. I have taken for granted that I knew how to do something and thought it would simply return when I needed it. Not so. Just like Zumba, my walk with God must be maintained on a consistent basis for it to have any real effect on my life or the life of anyone around me. I can't be jumping in every now and then with the hopes that I'll get enough to last me. I must study the moves, practice them, until they become second nature (or first nature!) again!

So, I'm meeting with my little sisters in a Bible Study. I'm so very excited about this because I've wanted to be in a Bible study with them ever since I became a Christian almost 13 years ago. It's fun to be challenged to meet with God...maybe you don't need accountability...but I know I wouldn't Zumba on my own!!! I'm brushing up on some of those things that captivated my heart so long ago and I know that in time my moves will be sweet! Not only that...but my relationship with Christ will be the prize. Knowing Him. Meeting with Him daily. Laying my life down at His feet every morning. To be confident in Him alone. I'm so thankful that His mercies are new every morning.

I'll be back soon...I've got some things in my head...but there are some folks around here that I have really been enjoying...I hope the same for all of you!


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The Severances said...

I missed you!!! So encouraged and excited about the time with your sisters and what He is doing in you. Love you friend!