Friday, November 6, 2009

100th Post!

This is my 100th post! Wow! I don't have anything special planned for it...which for those of you who know me, that's no surprise. I'm not much of a planner (except there are some things...but not this) so...picture this; You click on my blog and balloons fall from YOUR ceiling and the blog sings and your heart rejoices (although I'm not sure why) all in celebration of 100 posts. That sure was special...I'm glad I planned it.

For real...
I have a godmother. No one else has one. I am one of 5 children and I'm the only one. I had "godparents" but several years ago "Uncle George" died and so now I have "Aunt Janet." Her husband was my father's boss on the railroad and my folks were not near family. When I was baptized they were invited to support Mom and Dad. Like family. Well, they supported me. I never even heard their voice (never Uncle George's) until I was married and lived in Valdosta. I just wanted to hear what she sounded like. She had always sent a card and money for my birthday and when I headed over to Africa she was one of my supporters. I had heard a bit about her, but never met her. Until last January.

My father put in about 78 years on the railroad (not really...I'm not sure how many) and so last year he finally retired. Aunt Janet called and asked if I was going to Dad's testimony. I wasn't sure what she was talking was his retirement party...cute. So, I talked with Mike and got the details and learned that there was a party in New Jersey and we should go...I wanted to go. Aunt Janet said that she wasn't going unless I went. I was so excited to finally meet her!

She wanted to surprise Dad, but I didn't know where to pick her up, so I spilled the beans and Dad helped me get Aunt Janet off the train. She hit me for ruining the surprise and I knew I'd love getting to know her! Dad left us alone to visit and Mike, Aunt Janet and I found a little corner in the hotel bar (of all places) to get to know each other. Going into it I felt there would be so many things that she would want to know about me ( as soon as she started talking, I wanted to hear more about her. First you must know that she's been living in Connecticut for, well...ever I think. So, she's got a very distinct accent. She began to tell me stories of she and Uncle George and how they met and how they courted and all about her letters. See, Uncle George served in WWII and they only corresponded over mail for 4 years while he was overseas. FOUR YEARS!!! I think he may have called her twice. I was so taken by this story that I wanted time to stand still so that I could hear all of the details. What did she do? How and why did she wait for him? What was their life like? It was like she took me back to another time and place. Then she mentioned the letters again. "What letters?" I finally asked. "Oh, I've got boxes of them." He wrote her every day sometimes twice a day all that time. She said that she had more than 1500 of them. I have to write that out so that I can write it in all caps FIFTEEN HUNDRED LETTERS FROM WAR! She said that she used to read books all the time, but now all she could do was read those letters. No book can hold her attention. Only the letters from her love. He's been gone for at least 10 years and still they capture her heart. They connect her to him. She said that she'd send me some. WHAT!!! Mike knew that I almost wet my pants. I love the written word and he knew that these would be such treasures to me.

True to her word, she did send me some letters. (I did have to send them back) You have never seen (maybe you have)such beautiful language. It took me a while to figure out what some of the words were, but once I learned how Uncle George wrote his letters, I could read them effortlessly. I couldn't put them down. They were dripping with poetry that only love could stir. No wonder she couldn't put them down. They were hers, from her love.

Do you know what the Bible is? Is it a list of rules that keep us "good Christians" in line? Is it a good book of history that we can learn from? Is it something that if we teach to our children will guarantee that they don't end up pregnant and shacked up with some "undesirable?" I think some people believe that to be true, but not me. I believe that it is God's letters to his people that is dripping with poetry that only love can stir. I believe that it should captivate us the way Uncle George's letters captivate Aunt Janet. However, the only reason why she clings to those letters is because of the way she clung to him. As we love God (through his grace) and get to know Him, I believe that His word will do the same for us. I believe that we will long for Him. Now, we are going to read other books, I'm sure, but they should never satisfy us the way His letters do.

I've been doing a Bible Study that I did YEARS ago as a new believer and it's like a memory book of scripture. Remembering how God used those verses to change me, to challenge show me who He is and how He loves me. It has ignited my heart a bit. Motivated me to read it daily to see what will be next. So, I don't know how you feel about the Bible, but I want to remind you that God wrote it...for know Him. That's it. So, put that other stuff down, you love has left a paper trail and you will be delighted to read all of the wonderful things that He has done for you.

One more thing. One of my Dad's favorite songs is by Frank Sinatra, My Way (a great song...for the rebel in all of us) and I'm not quite sure whether someone mentioned it or what, but Aunt Janet leaned over and said, "You know, Frank Sinatra sang at my PROM!" The people that are older than us have a RIDICULOUS amount to offer us. Go find one today! :)


Made To Organize said... What an incredible story! I, too, am a lover of the written word. Email makes me sad. I don't write as many cards as I did in the past, before we became so fast-paced and over-scheduled. Thank you for taking me back to a simpler time and place.

Berry Patch said...

Thank you so much for the balloons! Although it looks like the mess of the party is at my place instead of yours? ;-) Smart!

What an amazing story! It is so very true - the Bible IS God's love story to us. I'm just now finally getting more in to the habit of daily reading and it's very much a blessing.

As to talking to older folks (Frank Sintra at her prom!?!? Amazing!) - it's so very true. And reminds me of how I want my oldest son to interview his great-grandfather and listen to his wisdom and stories. New project for school I think....