Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow? Here? YES!!!

The Weather folks predicted it...we all laugh when we hear it. "We're expecting about ____ inches of snowfall." We still make a trip to the store and get a few things that we'll be needing. For us it was milk, ice-cream and frozen pizza. I know...real essentials. We had a blast. I will say a southern snow is the best of both worlds. You get the beauty of a white world, the canceling of everything so you can enjoy your family, and then it goes away! It started yesterday and fell steady into the evening. The kids ran around to every window to watch it fall and then pulled the curtains apart to stare at it while they drifted off to sleep. This morning they were begging to go outside, we held them off for a while and finally wrapped hands and feet in plastic, grabbed the most "snow-friendly" gear we could find, and we headed out. When we wandered into the woods the kids said that it was just like Narnia before the White Witch was dethroned! The girls and I came in first and started on some "snow-cream." My friend Jo posted it on her blog and I thought, "How fun. I'll never have the chance." How happy to have had the chance. It was pretty good. It had the consistancy of Chick-fil-A's ice cream. Our neighbor came over and the boys built a fort while the girls snuggled in my bed for some Saturday shows. Then, the laundry piled up (honestly it's been lingering...I'm struggling with it lately!) and the snow melted. Perfect. Our family up north is pretty much locked in their homes due to the snow...I know they don't love the heat...or the bugs...but I gotta say that a southern snow beats a northern snow hands down!!! Spring anyone? Enjoy the pictures!


Sheri, PA said...

You can keep the GA heat and bugs, but we'll take the southern snow!
I can't believe how much snow you got! Great pictures. Miss you guys!

Berry Patch said...

I'm pretty sure you have way more snow now than I do. And I'm in Maine. That's saying something about this winter I think. Enjoy!