Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Little Big Things

I don't really feel as though I am sacrificing a ton by not having a job. Everything in my life is a bit "smaller" our house, budget, I can't think of much else. You see, God has continually impressed me with His willingness to grant those things to my family that I would have never asked for. There are things that we just don't "do." Although even as I type this I'm trying to think of HUGE examples of how we don't spend our money. Honestly, we do everything that we want to do. Several years ago we used Dave Ramsey's plan to crawl out of debt, and when we stopped eating crumbs off the floor, we sat up to the table and eat what satisfying foods that only Christ can offer. We don't go without. We choose to not do certain things, but we do not go without. Ever. Why do I say all this?

A few weeks ago my friend called with the exciting news that they had won tickets to see Mary Poppins at the Fox. This was exciting for both of us, although the show that we really want to see is the Little House Musical. We were, however, excited by the Lord's favor and I was excited for her. I love friendships where you are genuinely excited when the other receives wonderful gifts. So, she was set to go on Friday of that week. A few days later on a Thursday they discover that the tickets have "mistakenly" been made for Thursday, a night that was logistically impossible for their family. So, she was kind to the woman working with her, and finally asked if she could simply give the tickets away so that they would not be wasted. My friend did not kick and scream and complain about the inability for this woman to produce the correct tickets, and she called me. She said, "Hey, we've got these tickets and there is simply no way we can go. Do you guys want them? They are for tonight." YOU BET!!! I didn't even think about how we would pull it off. All I knew is that I LOVE the theatre and would make it happen. I called Mike and told him to come straight home from work because we had plans! It's was about 3:00. The show started at 8:00 and we live about 2-2 1/2 hours away.

I was babysitting and it worked out that the Mom could get the baby before we needed to leave, so after showers and bows and a whirlwind of excitement, off we went! The kids and I have never been to the Fox, so we had no idea of what to expect. I grew up (very fortunate) enjoying Broadway in New York City, I knew it would be awesome, but wasn't sure what the kids would think. I ended up watching two shows! I was watching the show and I was watching my kids watch the show. It was incredible! I couldn't even describe it to Kelli the next day. All I could say was that I'd need to see it several more times to really see all of the incredible things that were packed into the performance. It was a gift for the greatest Gift-Giver. Here is the best part...

The person that Kelli was working with was so sorry for the mix-up that she managed to get Kelli tickets for Friday night!!! They got to enjoy it as well!!! What a wonderful treat to know that they would enjoy the fabulous show as well. It was such fun for both of us.

So, all that to say that God is concerned about those little BIG things. Those things that aren't "spiritual" (but isn't it all?) that we simply enjoy. Those things that bring us delight. He is a good Father and enjoys watching us enjoy the show. That is exactly what we did, we enjoyed the show. I'm annoyed...I can't upload any pics right I'll have to wait until Mike wakes from his Sunday slumber...sorry about that...but if I don't post this now....I might never!!!


Made To Organize said...

What a cool story. Sometimes it's impossible to fathom just how much our BIG GOD is into the little details of each of our seemingly little lives.

patrick said...

Eh, you don't have facebook do you? Anyway, I was thinking about a talk you and I had one time and I wanted to see if you remembered a verse.

Your blog is awesome.

Sara said...

yea! for both of you. That is so great. What fun!