Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On Being a Wessner

I want to be careful with this post so as to not offend any other Wessner's out there, but I think most will agree that what I am saying is the truth. What am I saying?

The other day, maybe a week ago, Anson was being a little slow in the obedience department. When he finally arrived in the room I had called him to I asked, "Pal, what were you doing that took so long?" He responded, "Just noticing my ears." He's 6, he knows he has ears, I went on, "Really, what were you noticing about them?" He said, very matter-of-factly, "They're kinda big, don't you think?"

I'm not sure what I said at the moment, probably something to the effect that God made him well and blah-blah-blah. A few days later, however, it dawned on me. He has inherited from my side and Mike's side. He actually has what we call, well, "Wessner ears." I happen to love his ears and his Dad's ears. I wanted him to know that his ears were a sign that he was part of a bigger family. He had those ears because he was a Wessner...a pretty great thing to be! So, a few days later I said to him...

"You know bud, I've been thinking about your ears. Do you know why you have those ears? It's because you are a Wessner. That's something neat about some of the Wessner's. You have them because you are part of the family, it's something to remind you of who you belong to. I think it's kind of neat to have something like some other people in the same family. It's like you have it in common, and you can be proud of it, because we are proud to be Wessner's."

As I was talking to him something else came to mind. As we develop as believers there are things that set us apart as children of God. We are marked by God's Spirit. Christ in us sets us apart. What are some of those things? How about love? Joy? Peace? Patience? Kindness? Goodness? Gentleness? Faithfulness? Self-Control? These are not natural in our being, they are fruits of the Spirit that is alive within us. Sometimes we end up with convictions that don't look like our neighbor's or we make choices that seem crazy to a watching world.

I did talk to Anson about this as well. I asked him what things set us apart as followers of God? "When people look at you they know you are a Wessner because they see Daddy and know where you have inherited your ears. (and HIS BRAIN!!! Wessner's are awfully bright!!!) Is there anything that would show people that you belong to Jesus?"

I ask myself that same question. If people just caught a little teeny glimpse at my life, or caught me talking to my children when I didn't know the windows were open, what would I sound like? Would they know I was a member of the family of God?

As I walk in His strength and rely on His Spirit I pray that my life will be a fragrant offering to the Lord.


Just His Best said...

I love this post!! I'm up early this morning since I can't sleep and am nauseous. :(

Dixie said...

Hi Ali! I have missed checking in on your blog for a LONG time but it is refreshing every time I come to it. Thanks for the effort it takes to offer cold water to those of us out there who need it from time to time.

This post reminds me of the speech I gave Isaac (and will soon be giving Ethan) to prepare him for Kindergarten (public school) I told him that he'd be around kids who might do things and say things that he knows are wrong but that was because a) they don't love God like he does and b) they aren't Livingstons. Just because other kids were doing things he knew were not right, he wasn't to be tempted to join them because he is a Livingston who loves God. I don't know how much my speech helped, since he's a rule-follower by nature, but he's a good kid and I love that he's a Livingston!

Jaime said...

Ali- that is SO COOL that you and Mike are famous, lol! When I saw the letter you wrote and that you were published in Ramsey's book, I thought, I knew I'd see her name on books one day!! So cool, good for you!! I really have enjoyed his books. take care, miss ya!

Hollie said...

Sweet post Ali! Love you friend!