Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Daddy's Home!"

Well Happy New Year to you all!!!  I think of things to blog about all the time.  Then a small, soft hand takes mine and points me toward the Cheerios or the blocks, or a big boy (who wasn't always so big) wants to chat about grappling hooks or new books, then there are the 2 ladies dressed like Laura and Mary wandering about.  Now, here I sit, in the quiet...with a thought or two to share.  First, a peek into the kids.

Anson:  We were working on his IEW (that is Institute for Excellence in Writing) and I said something about a comma and without a single prompt he said, "Oh, I do love commas.  They are so much fun.  They totally change a sentence."  I laugh thinking about it.

Julia: I noticed her outfit, "Hey Jules, that's cute."  Her reply, "Thanks Mom, it's one of my own recipes."  Have you ever considered putting your outfits together as creating new recipes?

Ella:  Oh, she says "fart."  She says it TOO much.  She's too pretty to use that word, so we gave her some other, shall we say, options.  So we were in the van and she said it again and I turned around (lucky for her I wasn't driving...lucky for all of us I suppose) "Eleanor, we have given you other options.  Please use another word."  So, with her twinkly eyes she said, "Oh, sorry, I blew gas."  That wasn't one of the options, but I suppose it will do!

Caroline:  "Unintelligible garble"  Sure, baby, whatever you want!

So, those are the people I am giving my life to.  What a pleasure! a post....

Yesterday was hard there at the end.  Mike works late on Wednesdays and I still miss him when he isn't here by 4:30.  Caroline didn't want me to put her down and we'd been gone most of the day so there was a bit of work to do in the house, not to mention it was dinner and blah blah blah.  So I just kept looking at the clock.  The girls were on the porch waiting for Daddy and Mommy was in the kitchen waiting for him.  I got the glasses out, fixed our water, plates, pulled dinner out of the oven believing that he'd be home in time to eat it warm.  I set the napkins, the silverware, and then I'd check the clock again.  "Oh, Caroline, where is Daddy?"  I just wanted him home.  Not even to rescue me, but to do this with me.  Then I started hearing the clamor of little voices.  "Daddy's home!  Yay!  Daddy's home!"  It really is quite the celebration.  We had friends over a few weeks ago and Mike was a little late coming home and when he walked in the door and the party erupted they said, "Wow, I want to cheer too!"  It's catching and I catch my breath.  Then I hear him coming up the front steps, I hear the screen door open and then, sure as the world, Daddy's home!

As he made the short walk from the front door to the kitchen (also the back door...hee hee hee) I thought, "Will it be like that?"  When Jesus finally comes back will we sound like that?  More importantly, are we looking for Him?  Do we believe that He's coming?  I set the table.  I set a place for him.  I believed that he would be here.  He's come home in the past, he'll come home again.  More and more I mutter, "Come, Lord Jesus."  He came once, won't He come again?  And when He does come, when we hear that trumpet sound, can you imagine the celebration?  Can you imagine our brothers and sisters that are watching for Him in places that are illegal to watch?  Can you imagine their rejoicing?  To lay eyes on the Hope that you laid your life down for?  To see the Peace that you have longed for, begged for, descending from the clouds.  Daddy's Home!  He's come for us!  He's here!  We knew He'd come and there He is!  I just can't imagine.  Watching Mike walk through the door thrills my heart...but Jesus.  Oh, Amen, Come Lord Jesus.

Y'all keep your eyes peeled, He will come.

Let us acknowledge the LORD; let us press on the acknowledge him.  As surely as the sun rises, he will appear; he will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth. 
 Hosea 6:3

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Wanting What I Have said... make me cry. So precious. Amen. Come, Lord Jesus, come!