Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Who isn't?

So, sometimes you'll hear me say something like, "I saw on Kelly and Michael" or "They had a blurb on Good Morning America" and it sounds like I watch TV.  Sometimes I turn the TV on while I'm making my bed or brushing my teeth, just to see what's going on.  Then within 7 minutes it's off and I move on.  So, with that in mind, "I saw on Kelly and Michael" last week maybe that they are giving away trips to moms that go, how did they say it?  The extra mile?  Above and beyond?  I don't remember their words but I remember thinking, "Seriously, what Mom doesn't?"  The mothers mentioned didn't sound like slouches, don't get me wrong.  They were doing a great job, but aren't most of us at least trying?  I mean, how many of us have VOLUNTARILY caught vomit with our own hands or clothing in order to spare our surroundings?  How many of us sometimes forget whether we have brushed our own teeth or not but really try hard to be sure that our children are brushing theirs...most of the time.  How many of us shower?  I mean, can that please count for above and beyond?  I mean, when there is so much going on and you are able to squeeze that bout' ya!  What about planning meals?  Grocery shopping?  POTTY TRAINING???  This gig is no joke.

I just started thinking that when we look for the "above and beyond" we end up on Pinterest and we end up the worst Moms EVER because we are comparing ourselves to everyone else.  God's word teaches us that isn't wise.  So, I still have to pack lunches for our co-op tomorrow and finish the dishes and it's 8:51.  Everyone else is sleeping.  Even Mike is catching the elusive nap on the couch while I type this.  I just wanted to give a shout out to all those normal, every day, wear your jeans 3 or 4 times before washing them, laundry washing,  baby bathing, vomit catching, mildly insane, a teeny bit tired, but struggling with all of His energy that works so mightily in you...I wanted to give a shout out to you and tell you to press on!!!  Choose joy because you can.  Work mightily as though working for the Lord because YOU ARE!  Laugh at dumb jokes and dance when everyone IS watching.  We were chosen by God to parent the people in our home.  He knit them together in our wombs.  He went above and beyond.  Tell them His stories about how He went above and beyond sending a Rescuer.  Someone to pull us out of our filth and put a new song in our mouths.  Know that you are enough.  Because of Him you are enough.  Press on.

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Wanting What I Have said...

You make me smile. Thank you!!!