Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Cup of Zumba

Alright, for some of you this is an oldie, but I have a sequel so I want to remind you of how my relationship with Zumba started. So, it might sound familiar, maybe it'll make you laugh again. Check back in a few days for the follow-up. For those of you who have not read this...I hope you like it!

I finally went. After a really long day, I said I would go, and I needed to let my yes be yes. I put on my tennis shoes and extra sports bra, said my “I love you’s” and headed out the door. Of course I was late because that’s just me, but the Washington Road traffic didn’t help much. So, I pulled in and briskly walked (knowing I had already missed the warm-up) through the front door and headed toward the multi-purpose room. I’ve never been good at working out, but this sounded like a lot of fun. I could hear the Latin music as I made my way down the hall and just hoped to heaven there was someone else in there with two left feet. I gently pushed the door open for fear I would take someone out with my tardy entrance and made a little place for myself in the back of the class.

Welcome to Zumba (or Zoomba)! Zumba is a great way to get a lot of exercise in a more non-traditional manner. There are bonafide dance moves and you are encouraged to use your hips (for something other than a baby prop) and “make it sexy.” So here I am, in my old Stevens Creek t-shirt, black maternity shorts (that’s why I’m there in the first place…I’m not pregnant!) and old tennis shoes. Why would I tell you what I’m wearing? Well, because God uses goofy things to show me my heart. The lady in front of me who was NOT wearing maternity shorts looked great. Her shoes matched her shirt! How do people do that? She had on a cute teal shirt, sleeveless of course because she isn’t trying to hide arms that wave when her hand is NOT, black pants that said “Motherhood” nowhere on them, and then her little Nike shocks that were the same color as her shirt. Her hair had that “tussled” look, but it was totally fixed if you know what I mean. She was workin’ it! Of course I was behind her, giggling at myself.

Maybe if I looked like her I would want to exercise. Maybe I need new shoes. How is it that we revert to sixth grade gym class in these instances? At one part the song says, in Spanish, “Who can dance?” and then the response is, “We can dance!” Well, to me that was just plain funny. I couldn’t dance. No, I can’t dance. Everyone else was making it sexy and I was flailing my arms like I was in the middle of the ocean trying to flag down the coast guard! So, I jumped around, got my heart rate up and left early so Mike could make his basketball game. As I walked out I certainly felt better, nothing makes you feel better than a bit of Latin dancing, but I immediately thought about why I went. I was asked.

My friend, who happened to be the instructor, loves this class and wanted me to share in her joy. I thought about how many times I’ve invited people to things simply because I have enjoyed it and wanted them to share in my joy. We’ve all gone to something because someone has asked, it’s the way we are. We also need that accountability. I knew Sohailla would be looking for me, I told her that I’d be there. I didn’t want to stand her up. She’s a wonderful friend to me.

The CD that was playing in the car was on discipleship and so my mind wandered to all of the times someone has asked me about my time in the Word or even asked if we could study together. I’ve thought about the Bible studies I’ve attended because I said I would, and how amazing I felt afterwards. I then thought about Miss Cutie Exerciser, how many times do I make a plan using stuff? I spent $80 bucks having my favorite Bible rebound because then I’d read it more often. (Like getting new shoes to exercise) I’ve designated the perfect place with the cool “Biblezine” because that will trick me into thinking I’m reading a magazine instead of the Bible. (Buying new clothes to look great while I flail.) We all have our little methods to make ourselves exercise spiritually, but the bottom line is that we need someone to ask. Nothing encourages us to actually meet with our maker more than knowing someone is going to ask. I wish I did it out of need (although with three kids I’m getting there), or desire, but I need the accountability, I need someone to ask me to dance.

So, today I spent time memorizing my scripture because Mike has more of it memorized than me. Now I’m asking you, my friends, if we can’t band together and ask each other the hard questions. Ask me to dance even when the day has been long and my body is weary. Ask me to dance when my shoes are worn out and I don’t see the need. Ask me to dance because I need the exercise, and so do you. We cannot and will not defeat the enemy if we do not pull together, cute outfit or not, and exercise our spirits. So, I’m asking you, and you ask me…shall we dance?

P.S. Don’t forget to make it sexy!


Hadassah said...

Girl, I am putting on my sports bra! Where are we meeting?

I think about those past Bible Studies all the time.

Hadassah said...

Oh, and by the way... I went for a walk last week with light blue pants on and a light green t-shirt that had light blue writing on it. I thought I looked really cool.

But that's the only matching workout clothes I have.

Sara said...

haha! The curse of the "desire for matching workout clothing" stikes again. I went just yesterday to hunt down some more "serious" looking matching workout clothes. All I have is a couple of pairs of drawstring pants and some t-shirts and Zumba just isn't quite as cool that way. (I didn't buy anything because after I got it on in the dressing room, I actually thought I looked pretty silly.)