Thursday, May 29, 2008

A little bit better, but sort of the same.

Wow. That is all I can say as my family has received such an intense amount of love and support during this bizarre time. Church friends and family, people that aren't here. God's love being extended through His people is sometimes more than I can bear. Last night my sister, Ashley (2 years older than Alex) was baptized and what a celebration for her. The church prayed for Alex and we headed to the hospital. Her condition...

She remains in ICU and they keep calling her critical. The doctors are quite baffled by all of this and are unable to put their finger on the source of the distress in her body. They thought they would need to do dialysis because the sedative was weakening her kidneys and her urination output was poor, but I suppose she got wind of that and decided against it, because it wasn't necessary. They were going to give her another blood transfusion, but to my knowledge that wasn't necessary either. She is on a ridiculous amount of sedative and is still answering our questions by blinking or squeezing hands. She's totally aware and we are glad, but not all at the same time. We want her to get some rest. She is on the sedative because she still has a breathing tube. She can breathe on her own, but they were concerned that they would, for some unexpected reason, need to put it in again and because of the swelling and irritation that it can cause would not be able to. So, they've been holding back on removal. However, there is talk that she could come off it today, I'm a little nervous, I've been talking smack while she's been quiet and she might come after me! I welcome some sass from her! When I spoke to my sister earlier she had not yet heard from the doctors, but nothing has changed for the worse. Continue to hold our arms up, my step-dad's arms are really tired. As you can imagine, so are Mom's.

Please pray for healing both physically and spiritually. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We love you all and will stand in the gap for you whenever we can.


Linda said...


You know I've been praying for Alex, and for your entire family. While my arms are up, I know that's not enough...that you need the body to reach out, and that you KNOW the body will reach out...and they are helping your mom and step-dad's arms...and hearts.

I pray that God releases Alex from the pain by fully healing her. May she become another miracle in Christ.

And congratulations to Ashley for being baptized! Amen - another soldier for God!

Hadassah said...

Keep talkin smack to her, Ali. And I'll keep praying. I glad she seems to be improving.

And that is awesome that your other sis got baptized.

The Severances said...

Oh my goodness, Ali. I just checked in on you today and saw this trial that you are all in the midst of. I am so thankful that you feel so loved by the Lord through the body of Christ. Know, friend, that my family is praying for you. My heart is heavy for you all. I trust GOD with you, for you, in you and on behalf of Alex. He is our King, Ali. I trust He will continue to comfort your heart as Alex continues to rally and the doctors exercise wisdom. I love you friend.