Friday, May 9, 2008


This is another repeat, don't look too close, I'm in a hurry and you'll find errors. A good friend reminded me of this the other day, I started this day expecting. Enjoy.

“Criminy! That is so annoying, ‘Pregnant or Expectant Moms Only’” You know that feeling at Wal-Mart. You just have to run in to pick up a few things and you don’t want to park the next county over. So, you approach what you believe to be a vacant parking space that the Lord God Himself has reserved for you on such a day as this and BAM! Wrong song! It’s reserved. This happened to me yesterday and I just had to laugh. Of all times to have a reserved parking space, NOW is the time. I had no idea how easy I had it when the child was conveniently placed INSIDE my body, safe from bad drivers and runaway carts. Now my 3 children are on the OUTSIDE of my body and need me to click them in and out of their seats, hold two hands, one baby and a list and I no longer get to enjoy the “RESERVED” spots. I almost pulled into it!

But, then I remembered how I would feel walking from Timbuktu because my space was unavailable and then I catch a glimpse of the “expecting mother.” She has her hair braided like Pocahontas, her jeans are about a -2 and her shirt says, “I love boys”. Clearly, CLEARLY, this girl is not pregnant... yet. There she sits in my spot while I waddle up to the door weighing in at roughly 195 pounds (that’s NOT a joke) with two children on either side. All I need is some stinkin’ TUMS!!! So, I didn’t park there. But then I had another thought, “I’m a new and expectant mother.” Anson is only 4 and there are many days that I really feel very new at this, and expectant…Oh I’m expectant alright! I’m expecting that I’m going to walk into that store and they will be remodeling AGAIN! I’m expecting that they’ll be out of Cous Cous and the corn will be picked over and the plums will have fruit flies. I’m expecting that I’m going to buy an estimated 5 things that are not on my list and double stuffed Oreos will be one of the 5, for the 5th week in a row. (Why not just put it on the list?) I’m expecting that before I leave the store I will hear, “Mommy, look it’s Spiderman/Dora/Strawberry Shortcake/Batman etc.” at least once. I expect my children to touch each other even though I say not to. I’m expecting to save, and spend all at the Evans Super Wal-Mart. That’s what I’m expecting. So, I should have parked there. Which leads me to my next point. What else am I expecting?
Psalm 5:3 says, “In the morning Oh Lord you hear my voice, in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.” I’ve had a very hardened heart towards the Lord lately. I’ve said some pretty ugly things that weren’t true and only felt good for a moment. I’ve asked the Lord to do things and when He doesn’t do them immediately I assume that His arm is too short, which He clearly says to Moses, is not the case! What am I expecting from the Lord? Do I expect Him to satisfy me in the morning with His unfailing love? I would get up if I did. Do I expect Him to grant me wisdom in parenting girls (and a boy, but the girls are more difficult)? I would ask for it if I did. Do I expect Him to send justice? Do I expect Him to make Himself known to the nations? Do I expect Him to show me his glory? What do I expect? What am I anticipating? Today while I was saying I was sorry I realized that I must expect. I must watch for Him, I must listen for Him, I must believe His promises and expect them to encourage me. I must walk in faith and enjoy the journey. I must lay my requests before Him and wait. So, that’s where I am. I’m expecting again. Expecting Him to soften my heart and encourage my spirit, to sharpen me according to the power of His word and to love me because of Christ’s death and resurrection. So, my dear friends, are you a New and Expectant mother? I sure hope so. But, leave the space for the 195 pound pregnant people, they THINK they need it more! 

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You are hysterical Ali!