Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day 2!

So, this isn't as hard as I thought it would be in some respect, and then in some I think, "Wow, 10 days is a good bit of time."  Here is how it's not hard.  The making of a juice.  There isn't a recipe per se with spices and ovens and timers.  You grab what you need and you dump it in.  Ta Da!  Juice.  At least with the juicer I am using.  It's a Breville of some sort.  (Some awesome sort!) So, that's what I was worried about and it's much breezier than anticipated.  The other easy part is that the taste is more than bearable.  In fact, after 10 of these, I am enjoying some of them.  Today the Sport Spice was a bit much, but I drank it and was glad when it was over.  Mike informed me that he just purchased a bunch of beets so I had better acquire a taste!  The children counted to see which one of us could drink it longer.  The coconut water was good after that.  So, those things that I thought would be really difficult, are not.  What is hard is not eating.  I sure do LOVE to eat.  I love the flavors and the textures and the escape that I get from eating.  I'll tell you what, this has been extremely revealing.  I don't necessarily eat to live.  I don't eat for my body, I eat for me.  To take a break, or treat myself, I'm sure this does not sound foreign to anyone.  So, I've seen where I need to repent of running to food rather than Jesus.  I'm not surprised, just a little sad.  I'm a social eater.  We, most of us anyway, are.  Here in America if you are invited to someone's home you ask, "What can I bring?"  Honestly, I always want to bring dessert because I'm so very disappointed when it's not there...or it's not chocolate!  People break out some sort of berry that back and bring out the REAL dessert cause' that looks an awful lot like a healthy snack!  To prove this point, I'll tell you a little story.

Once upon a time, in a world almost forgotten, there lived a young and vibrant college student with very few responsibilities, although she believed she was very busy.  She had an incredible opportunity to travel to a far and somewhat exotic continent where she would live for the summer and tell other college students about the wondrous love of Christ.  I'll skip the middle...although the middle is always the best part (OREOS!) and go to the end where this spoiled rotten, very carefree college student spent about 4 days in the Kalahari Dessert.  It was in a small village that found it strange that these Americans would use their water to wash their dishes.  The students didn't know any better and hopefully didn't do too much harm.  So, the students ate their food outside, for there were no Chick-Fil-A's in Botswana.  At last their adventure came to and end and they packed up and left for a beautiful resort type place where they were going to evaluate their summer and rest.  The first meal that this American ate was delicious, but disappointment came in the form of oranges for dessert.  She contemplated throwing the oranges at anyone or screaming at the top of her lungs.  She chose to eat the oranges and confess her sin.  She had seen the starving children of Africa...and she was to be pitied above all for her thankless and foul heart.

So, I like dessert.  However,  today I saw a side of myself that I haven't seen in a while and it was good.  I went to a baby shower.  Y'all, there was FRIED CHICKEN at this baby shower.  I brought pigs in a blanket (not food...but OH SO GOOD) and meatballs.  There was pasta salad and chips and dip and the table was just laid out beautifully.  However, thinking ahead I brought my "Garden Variety" with me and sipped on that while all others supped on the yummy goodness that is baby shower food.  I did it. I walked in and I walked out and I didn't consume a thing.  I think the victory is that I didn't think I "needed" or "deserved" the food.  I could just believe that I was doing my body a favor and I sipped my drink and chatted with those around me.  Now, if I quit before this is up, then that was completely wasted.  I'll tell you what I realized from that.  It feels good to be self-controlled.  This evening I finished cleaning the kitchen and wiped off the table rather than leaving a few things for tomorrow.  I can truly rest tomorrow.  Exercising self-control, or follow-through is a struggle.  I've seen, through this, that I can do it.  It's not just for other people that are "better" than me.  It's a fruit of the Spirit...the Spirit that I have.  So, it's been strange what I've picked up along the way...even in just two days.  I'm thankful for that.  I don't think a fast is usually about the food...especially not in this country.  There is always something else, a sneaky sin lurking hoping not to be found.  Well, as much as I hate to see my sin...I'm glad to shine a light on it and clean house!

The other hard part is simply being prepared.  It's not like just grabbing an apple so that I don't get hungry, although I will probably do that in the future. It's doing the math and figuring where I'll be and where my blood sugar will be.  I'll tell you this, I was at Wal-Mart today and wasn't prepared.  That place works my nerves when I am not hungry...I was ready to scream.  For real.  They do have self-check outs now, which is awesome since the other 2 lines that were open were flooded with folks taking advantage of tax free weekend. (Why only 2 lines, Wal-Mart? Why?)  So, that was hard, but I hit the coconut water pretty hard when I came home and then Mike juiced me a "Garden Variety." Ohhh weeee!  So, it's just not as portable as food. It will keep in the fridge, but there is no room in my fridge for anything else!  So, I'm sure I'll figure it out, but once this week starts we'll be home anyway, so that will be better.

I think that's it. It feels empowering.  The one thing that I would like to work on is a menu for when this is over. I need to start preparing my list for new meals.  I have a collection of "clean" meals, that my family likes, I just want to move forward.  This is not a "lose it fast" fix.  This is a jumpstart to a healthier life and body that I feel a little better in.

Which reminds me of the conversation I had with my best friend who started her juice fast today.  Her concern was, "Is this the beginning of yo-yo dieting."  We talked about it and felt like it doesn't have to be because this is pretty simple to incorporate.  We've tasted many different juices and can choose some favorites and can replace breakfast or any meal with a healthy jolt of veggies.  I look back on the women that I watched growing up and they usually did what everyone was doing, at least for a time.  We did lowfat, fat free, (I still remember the green Snackwell's box that was Mom's) we did fake eggs, low carbs...and it usually came back to real food.  Sensible meals with little to no white stuff.  I don't feel like there is a ton of guess work.  My uncle is a juice fan and he just goes and buys what looks good and juices it.  It's not that hard.   I don't feel like it's a matter of money or time, but my heart.  What does Ali want?  What do I think I need?  Maybe my "break" is I get to read for 15 myself!  I just need to find something to replace those old treats.  I really think that's the bottom of it.  What do I use food for?  Or does it use me?  So, I will keep on going and start doing some research because I don't want the end of this fast to be the end...but rather a beginning.

Oh, I almost forgot.  I do feel pretty good. I am hungry right now, but I need to go to bed anyway. It'll be like college, drink water and go to bed.  I haven't experienced any major discomfort or irritability that isn't connected with my flesh.  I'm excited to keep going...and right now...going to bed!

Thank you for stopping by!!!

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Wanting What I Have said...

Just want you to know I am TOTALLY loving reading about this!!! Thanks for sharing and the before and soon to come afters...girl, you go!!! Juice it, baby! ;)